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I’ve worn, and continue to wear, different hats in my life as I'm sure you have as well. One of the newer hats in my collection is that of mystery writer. I’ve been a reader of mysteries for much of my life but never thought about writing one until I was about the age of the protagonist in my Lesson series. He and I have a lot in common. We both teach, do therapy, and live in Southern California.

As you read the books, you may discover some of the avenues I’ve traveled in my life; although to be truthful, the books have also taken my character to places I’ve never been. I did go to UCLA. I did go to graduate school. I did teach graduate students how to provide therapy. I did and do still provide therapy.

When I got my doctorate, I had no real idea of what I wanted to do with my education other than to help make the world a better place. I figured the more I knew about people, the more I could help. I’ve written books about relationships and parenting because I fundamentally believe the better we’re able to handle our interactions with others, the better off we'll all be.

I've always preferred reading mystery series because you get to read about how a character evolves over time and deals with various challenges life puts before them. When I decided to write a mystery series, I thought I could blend what I've learned through my various careers into an entertaining mystery. My hope is you become intrigued and want to read about the adventures that befall our hero, and along the way you pick up some life skills that may help you make your life better.

Thanks for visiting my website to read about me. Happy to respond to inquiries if I have the time.