David Unger, PHD

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David reluctantly heads for his 20th High School Reunion with the Bridge Club in the hope of solving a personal mystery from his own past. But reuniting soon delivers a few unwelcome truths, and fear sets in when a classmate is found dead.


As old rivalries and resentments flare, the gathering on the Queen Mary in Long Beach for a weekend of memory-making brings forth more murder. Despite the sumptuous setting, David enjoys a high-school flashback with an old flame, but ends up with extra homework. 


The posse is on hand to help, but death won’t leave the party, and while David floats a few theories he struggles to get past his own bias.


Playing his cards close to his chest, he seeks to bridge the gap between truth and lies.

Can he trick the killer into revealing their hand before they strike again?

Could It Be?
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