A Lesson in ...

A Mystery Series Featuring David Unger, PhD

Coming this April

A Lesson in Reunions and Murder

It’s the 20th reunion of the class of 1965 and things are not going well. My high school experience was marred by an incident right before graduation where considerable damage befell me. I was hoping to clean things up, but not everybody was on board.

A Lesson in Comedy and Murder

The seventh in the series takes place in Palm Springs, California, where the Inaugural Comedy Conference is underway and I've been asked to be a presenter. While murder is no laughing matter, plenty of people were enjoying themselves while I got tied up in trying to solve the mystery. 

A Lesson in Cowboys and Murder

The sixth in the series takes place in 1985 in Elko, Nevada, at the inaugural National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. I wasn't there for my poetry skills but wanted to ensure there was poetic justice.

A Lesson in Baseball and Murder

The fifth in the Lesson series takes place in 1984 in Vero Beach, Florida, where the Los Angeles Dodgers held their second annual adult baseball fantasy camp. Lots of curveballs, beanballs, and rhubarb ensued.

A Lesson in Mystery and Murder

The fourth in the series takes place in 1984 when, you may recall, the world was going to hell in a handbasket. Fortunately, The Mystery Writers of America were having their annual conference in Las Vegas and what happened there didn't stay there.


A Lesson in Therapy and Murder

 The third in the series - this one occurs in the summer of 1983 at the Association of Humanistic Psychology’s Annual Conference in Santa Barbara, California. I went there to earn my continuing education credits and wouldn’t you know it, murder ensues and a guy has to do what he has to do.


The second in the series, takes place at the 1982 US Festival in San Bernardino, California. I had a client who played in a band and asked me to attend to help out with some potentially challenging situations. Unfortunately, those weren't the only problems that occurred

A Lesson in Music and Murder

A Lesson in Sex and Murder

The first in the series. I was a last minute substitute for a human sexuality course. I know about as much about human sexuality as you do, which means not enough to teach a class about it. So, I went to the 1977 Annual Conference of Sex Therapists and Surrogates to learn more and boy did I.

A Lesson in Woo-Woo and Murder

The Whole Life Expo was a New Age, spiritual, natural health, conscious living, metaphysical, extraterrestrial, enlightening hodgepodge of vendors, speakers and snake-oil purveyors. Left to my own devices, I wouldn’t go. But, I had a job to do.
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