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5 out of 5 stars!


In A Lesson in Woo-Woo and Murder, author David Unger introduces us to David, an unconventional therapist who accompanies his clients on offbeat adventures. Invited by Eve and Sheridan to attend The Whole Life Expo—a diverse gathering of vendors specializing in the new age, natural health, metaphysical, and even extraterrestrial subjects. While not David's usual interests, he finds himself being drawn into this world and starting to believe. Soon, however, he finds himself embroiled in a mysterious death that may not be an accident.

Unger's writing style is both witty and direct, immediately drawing the reader into the world of the quirky protagonist, David. By telling the story from David's perspective, the reader gains an intimate understanding of his thoughts and outlook on events. Unger masterfully sets up the murder mystery at the New Age convention and builds tension throughout the narrative, keeping readers on their toes with unexpected twists. Unger adds some romance in with a psychic foretelling that romance is in his future, though David is skeptical at best when receiving this news.

The novel's exploration of New Age topics adds a refreshing and engaging dimension to the story, which many readers may find relatable and intriguing. In addition, the diverse cast of characters, such as aura-reading Eve and fortune-telling Madame Vadama, further contribute to the story's mystique. Initially skeptical of their abilities, David begins to question the reality of their supernatural talents, and readers are drawn deeper into the story's enigmatic atmosphere.

A Lesson in Woo-Woo and Murder is a distinctive and entertaining amateur sleuths mystery. This engaging novel is highly recommended for those seeking a satisfying and open-minded literary experience.

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