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David Unger, Ph.D. writes mysteries about a California-based therapist and professor named David Unger. Pure coincidence.


Wherever David Unger goes, people seem to die. He has learned not to take the death thing personally, but others sometimes think he might have had a hand in the murders. An out-of-the-box therapist and grad-school teacher, who has become skilled at solving mysteries, he has embraced the hint of notoriety—and expanding client list—that his sleuthing skills have earned him.

The only downside of this high-profile reputation is that it plays havoc with his love life. The murder-magnet infamy can be a bit of a passion-killer. Still, David is an optimistic pragmatist, and enjoys a gentle ongoing quest for female company—preferably the kind that goes beyond first base. Success has been limited in this respect, but at least Winnie, his faithful St. Bernard, is always happy to see him.

LA is full of curious individuals, and David’s colorful client base never fails to deliver in drawing him in to the most unlikely locations and circumstances. Over time he has acquired an eclectic posse that both support and make demands on his time and skills. He kind of likes them being around – they get him out of as much trouble as they get him into.


The Lesson series expertly weaves smart therapeutic techniques into compelling mystery tales. Join David and the posse as they tackle each murder mystery, and learn a thing or two about human nature along the way.

A Lesson in Woo-Woo and Murder - eBook.jpg
A-Lesson-in-Reunions-and-Murder-UPDATED-2022-EBOOK-COLOUR-7 (1).jpg
A Lesson in Comedy and Murder _Colour 2.jpg
A Lesson in Cowboys and Murder UPDATE 2 2022  (1).jpg
A-Lesson-in-Therapy-and-Murder-UPDATE-2-2022-Colour-16B (1).jpg
A Lesson in Baseball and Murder - eBook.jpg
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A Lesson in Mystery and Murder NB UPDATE 2022 EBOOK CAF Colour 2.jpg
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