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The Praires Book Review

"Expert writing and well-drawn characters bring Unger’s entertaining ninth installment in A Lesson in series to vivid life. David never has any problem accompanying his clients on offbeat adventures. When Eve and Sheridan ask him to attend The Whole Life Expo, a diverse gathering of vendors specializing in the New Age stuff, David is more than happy to oblige. A suspicious death at the venue immediately piques David’s curiosity. As he begins to look into the matter, he unravels a dangerous dangerous conspiracy. Unger’s storytelling is engrossing, and he seamlessly weaves the New Age elements into the winding mystery plot. While voodoo-therapy magic, chakras, and other psychic stuff pervade the narrative, David’s search for the killer drives the narrative. A dash of romance adds to the intrigue. Unger establishes a good amount of tension from the fluffy subject matter, and displays an exquisite touch with characterization: he deftly pulls away the surface of his characters, exposing their deeper, hidden layers; David remains a charming, idiosyncratic creation; the secondary cast, particularly Eve, Sheridan, Nova, are real original as well. The hilarious dialogue combined with the dynamic cast and their interpersonal interactions are refreshing, providing light and liveliness to a story centered on murder and supernatural intrigue. The busy but sturdy plot moves swiftly as the clues mount in, the action builds up, and the resolution leaves one eager for more of David’s adventures. Readers new to the series could pick up this entry without missing a beat. A quirky, un-put-down-able mystery.”

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