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5 out of 5 stars

In Unger’s ninth installment in his long-running mystery series, the therapist, professor, and reluctant sleuth, David Unger, finds himself drawn into a murder investigation while attending The Whole Life Expo in Santa Monica. When Eve and Sheridan approach David to accompany them to the Santa Monica Whole Life Expo in order to negate the bad juju with his positive therapeutic auras, David agrees despite his reluctance.  A murder soon happens, drawing David into the dangerous investigation and taking him to places he’s never been before. But with the stunning Nova, the Love Doctor, becoming a distraction to David’s special brand of therapeutic magic, the latter knows he must overcome his super Nova distraction and unmask the killer before anyone else gets hurt. The adorable David is easy to love. Whether he’s trying to navigate the New Age stuff or solving a murder, his adventures are never dull. Unger does a terrific job of maintaining a palpable current of tension throughout the book, and his depictions of the intriguing metaphysical are excellent. Though the story occasionally gets sidelined in favor of ever-escalating New Age madness, Unger never drops the ball. A fully-fleshed-out cast and razor-sharp, fun dialogue keep this entertaining story afloat. Intriguing and eccentric; An enticingly artful mystery.

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